How Gay is Islam?

How Gay is Islam?

by Pat Condell, Nov 11, 2013 (#133)

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As you know, I don’t like to criticize anyone but, surely, the most comically deluded people on this planet, outside creationists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Scientologists, are idealistic left-wing gay people who think they share a common cause with Muslims as two oppressed minorities when opinion polls tell us that most Muslims are disgusted by homosexuality and think it’s completely unacceptable. Among U.K. Muslims, disapproval is 100%. Admittedly, that’s from a sample of only 500 people who all happened to agree unanimously but that’s hardly representative. After all, not all Muslims were included, so we can’t reasonably extrapolate anything from it without being racist. That’s a relief. I thought we might have to face an unpleasant truth there for a second. Didn’t you? Saudi mass-hanging of gays

Gay people who look for common ground with Islam are a bit like left-wing Jews who want to boycott Israel. They’ve let their twisted progressive politics trump their common sense. It’s hard to know if they really believe in their fantasy gay-Islamic alliance or if their “look at me how tolerant I am” Guardianista political correctness hasn’t just mutated into a kind of homo-Islamic masochism. How else do you explain the willingness of otherwise intelligent people to indulge a religion that wants them dead? And not dead in a symbolic or a theoretical way but in an actual “string them up in public” sort of way as they do in the Islamic Republic of Iran; where they regard death as too good for homosexuals. If they could find a way to kill them twice over, they know it would please Allah more than a Tel Aviv school bus suicide bomb. But what can they do? They’ll just have to wait for Islamic science to find a way and pick up that long overdue Nobel Prize.

Surely it’s obvious even to the most PC-crippled among us that if any one group of people on this Earth should be opposing the spread of Islam with everything they’ve got, it’s gay people. Nothing is a more serious threat to them. Islam will never be remotely gay-friendly. There will never be a pink crescent moon, unless you count gay bloodstains. And good luck finding an Islamic scholar who’s prepared to deny that. It’s true that not all scholars feel the same way about gays: some think they should be stoned to death; others favor throwing them off a mountain. Maybe, on a good day, you could even get to choose. In Iran they’ve settled the matter by hanging them from cranes in public. In Mauritania they use the more traditional method: stoning to death. In Saudi Arabia, they prefer beheading, as they do for many things in that country, including witchcraft. In countries that don’t impose the death penalty for being gay, it’s still punishable by flogging and imprisonment. And it was announced recently that several Islamic countries are trying to find a medical test to detect gay people and stop them at the border, so disgusted are they by homosexuality. They even forced the United Nations to remove sexual orientation from a resolution condemning arbitrary execution, because Islamic countries want the right to arbitrarily execute gay people without being condemned for it and the United Nations went along with that – which tells us something about the United Nations but nothing we didn’t already know.

The concept of human rights is alien to Islam, as we know. The concept of gay rights is an insulting and vile obscenity to Islam, without putting too fine a point on it. Islam does not regard homosexuality as a different lifestyle but as a disgusting form of sexual perversion, on a par with pedophilia or bestiality, that should be severely punished. Islamic preachers often conflate homosexuality and pedophilia and are not challenged on it because the people they’re talking to generally agree with them. We know that the more Islam there is in a society, the more physically dangerous it’s likely to be for gay people. In parts of Europe with high Muslim immigrant populations, we know that openly gay men are far more likely to be attacked and beaten up on the street for being gay. And there’s a good reason why they don’t hold gay pride marches down Brick Lane.

In a nutshell, gay people, Islam wants your blood and if you’re ever stupid enough to go to an Islamic country and let them know you’re gay you’ll find that out the hard way. It doesn’t give a damn how tolerant or inclusive you are. It just wants you dead for being who and what you are and it’s no more open to persuasion on the matter than you would be open to persuasion about letting sewer rats run around your house. You’ve got more chance of celebrating Christmas in a pub in Saudi Arabia than you have of finding common ground between Islam and homosexuality and you’ve got absolutely no excuse for pretending otherwise, because there’s nothing nuanced about the Islamic position. There is no ambiguity. There is no gray area. There is no common ground. There is no shared struggle. There are no bridges to be built and there won’t be any until you stop being gay. Would that option be on the table at all? For the sake of, you know, community cohesion? After all, by being gay you’re being culturally insensitive, disrespectful, divisive, provocative, offensive, Islamophobic and racist.

What can I say, people? The bottom line is, if you don’t want to be a filthy racist, you’re going to have to stop being gay. And when you think about it, it’s really not that much to ask. After all, if you’re not willing to compromise on your sick and sinful gayness, how can you reasonably expect Islam to compromise on wanting you dead?


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