Terms of Service (ToS)

Terms of Service (ToS)

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AtheistExile.com’s free membership entitles you to access restricted areas, such as the Member Forums and the File Upload page — and access to premium content, such as Pat Condell’s video transcripts (transcribed by Atheist Exile himself) and quotes (lovingly cultivated over decades). The only required information for registration is: Username and Email Address. Registration information remains completely private and will not be used for any other purpose unless you specifically request it. You will not even receive email from AtheistExile.com unless you authorize it.

Original AtheistExile.com Material:

Original AtheistExile.com material is indicated by “© Copyright AtheistExile.com”.  If you reuse any copyrighted material from AtheistExile.com, you must retain this copyright.  I ask that you also cite, or provide a link to, http://AtheistExile.com.

Non-Original AtheistExile.com Material:

Member Showcase:

You should cite the original author, artist or producer if you reuse material from the Member Showcase.  Although this material is not original to AtheistExile.com, they are original to their respective creators, who deserve credit for their work.

Pat Condell Video Transcripts:

The transcripts provided here were transcribed by Atheist Exile  himself.  This ongoing project represents a significant commitment of time and effort.  If you reuse the transcripts, please include the title and the 2 attributions (“by Pat Condell” and “Transcribed by AtheistExile.com”).  Please also cite, or provide a link to, http://AtheistExile.com.


The 1500+ (and growing) quotes on the Quotes page were collected over a period of about 25 years.  Every time I come across one I like, I add it to the collection.  The quotes are very selective and humorous or thought-provoking. Many atheist-related quotes are included.  Additionally, they are grouped by length (shorter ones first, longer ones last) and then arranged alphabetically within each group.  This ongoing project represents a significant commitment of time and effort. If you use AtheistExile.com as a resource for quotes on social media sites (i.e. Twitter, FaceBook, Google Plus, etc.), I ask that you cite, or provide a link to http://AtheistExile.com while you’re at it — at least every once in a while.


Most blog posts are original AtheistExile.com material but many contain non-original material.  Original material all have the AtheistExile.com copyright appended at the bottom of the page/post.  Non-original posts do NOT include the AtheistExile.com copyright.  Aside from retaining copyright citations, I ask that if you reuse a copyrighted post, please cite, or provide a link to, http://AtheistExile.com


The only requirement of this TOS is that you retain the copyright citations for original AtheistExile.com material. Citing or linking to http://AtheistExile.com itself is merely a request.  AtheistExile.com strives to provide resources for online atheists who frequent freethought forums, groups and social networks.  We hope to generate traffic through word of mouth.  If you find this site helpful or interesting, please spread the word: “Visit http://AtheistExile.com“.