Member Showcase

Welcome to the Member Showcase!


This is where people come to see and/or hear our members strut their stuff. Original stuff. Creativity is the name of the game here. Freethinkers are a smart group, overall, and they have many talents that deserve attention. The Member Showcase intends to do just that.

If you’ve come to visit the Member Showcase, click one of the 4 category entries in the Member Showcase menu.

If you’re a registered member who wants to contribute an original piece to the Member Showcase, click the File Upload menu item.

If you’d like to contribute works of your own, all you have to do is register: member areas, like the ‘Upload File’ menu and its sub-menus, will open up for you.


Member Showcase Menu and Content:

Under the ‘Original Words‘ menu item, you’ll find original works of the written word. Poetry, lyrics, fiction, non-fiction, essays, articles, etc.

Under the ‘Original Art‘ menu item, you’ll find original works of art. These are image files, so the art will be visually static (except for automated .GIF files).

Under the ‘Original Music‘ menu item, you’ll find original songs, instrumentals and/or other musical compositions.

Under the ‘Original Videos‘ menu item, you’ll find original member videos. Sorry, no x-rated material.

I hope you enjoy the creative contributions of’s members and, by all means, please leave comments — good, bad or indifferent — for our contributors!