File Upload

Member Showcase: File Upload


You may ONLY upload ORIGINAL material to the Member Showcase. Plesase note that does NOT make any claims to any material you upload. It remains your property and will not use it elsewhere.

EVERYTHING you upload to the Member Showcase MUST BE ORIGINAL MATERIAL that you have created yourself. NO EXCEPTIONS. You can upload anything except executable files (programs, applications, scripts, etc). This is for security reasons.

In plain English: if you’re legally obligated to obtain permission to post your work here and/or you are not the creator of said work, then you are not eligible to upload the file.

Under the File Upload menu, you’ll find menu items for 4 showcase categories. The File Upload menu and its sub-menus are not accessible by the public: they’re for registered members only.

N O T E :

If you have any problems submitting your link or file, just email it directly to me at:

The ‘Upload Words‘ menu item is for anything original you’ve written that you’re proud of. Poetry, lyrics, essays, articles, blog posts, fiction, non-fiction, whatever. Microsoft Word (.DOC or .DOCX), rich text format (.RTF) or plain text documents only, please.

The ‘Upload Art‘ menu item is for original image files you’ve created and are proud of, digitally stored in .JPG or .GIF files. Includes drawings, paintings, artistic photos, or other artful images.

The ‘Upload Music‘ menu item is for original songs or musical compositions digitally recorded to .MP3 files. You must have credit rights to at least one of the following components of the music: lyrics, music composition, lead vocals or lead instrument.

The ‘Upload Video Link‘ menu item is for uploading video embed codes to original videos or film already stored on video sites like YouTube or Vimeo. You must have played a lead role in at least one of the following capacities: producer, director, writer, actor or commentator.

To upload files to the Member Showcase, click on the menu item that best matches your contribution category.

You may email me your submission as an attachment. If you do, please be sure to include your member display name and copyright attribution. If your submission was created through a collaboration, include credit citation (for example: ‘Music by Jane Doe and Lyrics by John Doe’).