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    Formal rules are unpleasant but necessary for any online forum: hopefully, we’ll never have to enforce them. So, before delving into the formal rules, how about summing them up with a little poem (by AtheistExile himself)?

    Grist for the Sophist

    If you insist or can’t resist
    giving our comments your own twist;
    changing their meaning or their gist,
    the moderators will get pissed.

    If you are not here to assist
    and like to play antagonist;
    if you are such a narcissist,
    we’ll cross you off our Christmas list.

    If that’s the reason you exist
    and after warnings, still persist;
    despite the slaps across the wrist,
    don’t act surprised when you’re dismissed.


    Forum Decorum: AtheistExile’s Member Rules


    Forum rules are subject to change. Please check back periodically to ensure you’re fully informed and up-to-date on our forum rules.

    Please note that rule violations will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Member history is taken into consideration so consequences, if any, may not conform to those suggested below.

    Our rules try to prevent inappropriate and uncivil behavior. Own your comments: post with an awareness of the member community. Use your head and don’t be an ass. The Golden Rule will serve you as well here as it does elsewhere.

    Our Rules and Their Consequences:

    1). Members must be at least thirteen years of age to register or post comments. A minimum level of maturity is expected of you at all times. Whining, pouting, hissy fits, intractable stubbornness, argumentativeness, trolling, and other childish behavior is severely frowned upon. Don’t make it a habit or you’ll be treated like a child who does not belong here. If you can pass for a mature 13-year-old, then you should be just fine.

    2). Credible threats of violence will be reported to the appropriate authorities and everything you’ve ever posted in our forum will become’s property (which we may use any way we choose).

    3). Bullying or otherwise harassing other members of this forum will instantly draw our attention and result in a penalty up to and including immediate banning. Harassment includes (but is not limited to) the following:

    • Ad hominem attacks (name calling).
    • Prejudicial comments offending any member’s race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
    • Posting any content from private communications without the expressed consent of all people involved.
    • Disclosing identifying or private information about another member without their permission.
    • Posting images of another member without their expressed consent.
    • Making negative posts targeting another member.

    4). Depictions of nudity or of any sexual act is prohibited. Violators will be permanently banned.

    5). Copyrighted or plagiarized material will be deleted. Repeated posting of copyrighted or plagiarized material is cause for banning.

    6). Creating multiple member accounts, without permission, is prohibited. If a violation of this rule is detected, any or all offending accounts may be removed.

    7). Spamming the forum will lead to automatic account suspension and probable banning. Spam includes, but is not limited to:

    • Posts with URL links to unrelated content.
    • URL links or embedded videos without accompanying descriptions.
    • Posts promoting websites without relevance to the thread topic.
    • Multiple posts of the same, or similar, content.

    8). Foul language is frowned upon. If you feel compelled to use foul language, be sure it’s warranted. Gratuitous foul language may result in a formal warning. Thereafter, repeat violations will get you sent to the moderation queue.


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