This website is actually AtheistExile.com version 3.0. The name, AtheistExile, was chosen because every other domain name I could think of was already registered. I decided to create a website in the first place because Yahoo kept censoring me and threatening to shut down my blog because of complaints from religious folk. I examined their terms of service but could see no violation. When I asked them for an explanation, they gave no details but did mention the “spirit” of their terms of service. I don’t believe in spirits. That was back in 2007. Anyway, I knew nothing about creating or maintaining websites but I managed to build a functional (if not ugly) one, using Dreamweaver.

Later, I was also a moderator for ThinkAtheist.com (the web’s second-largest atheist social network) when Matthew Morgan (the owner) initiated a program to give free atheist websites to any ThinkAtheist member who wanted one. I signed up right away and moved AtheistExile.com to his shared server. I switched from Dreamweaver to WordPress and developed a pretty nice-looking site with lots of content.

But the shared server was too slow. So, in the middle of 2011, I bought upgraded service from another ISP and moved my website again. However, due to a major brain fart, I completely hosed up the transfer and ended up rebuilding the site almost from scratch.  I had most of my blog saved as Word documents but other than that, I rebuilt the site from scratch. In the process, I added features I’d been thinking about for a while. That brings the present version of AtheistExile.com up to 3.0. I hope you like the design and features and, especially, the responsiveness of the website.

Other than atheist topics, the blog also advocates a form of compatibilist free will known as “self-determinism”; as well as a moderate, centrist, independent political point of view. The Quotes page (under the Resources menu) is the most popular page on the site and represents decades of carefully collected and culled quotes. Running a close second is the Pat Condell video transcripts page. The most popular blog entry is “God is Flawed”. I hope you take time to read it.

Our newest feature is the Member Showcase. It’s a place for members to upload files of their own original essays, poems, fiction, songs, art or videos to show off to their friends and family and, of course, to AtheistExile.com visitors.

If you’re looking for a diversion, try the Novelties menu: it has some interesting content and links you’ll probably like.

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